Peptidome Arrays

For Proteome-wide Experiments

High Throughput Meets Bioinformatics​

three peptide microarray slides

Our Peptidome Chips encompass short peptide fragments derived from the entire proteome of a specific species.

Leveraging the latest AlphaFold models and proprietary algorithms, we deduce hundreds of thousands unique peptides, that are chemically displayed on our high-density peptide microarrays.

Investigate Off-Target Activity

Peptidome Arrays are useful for studying off-target activity of therapeutic candidates, mitigating the risk of unforeseen adverse effects and enhancing the safety profile of drug candidates. 

This proactive approach allows drug developers to make better informed decisions early in the process, accelerating the development of safe and efficacious therapeutics.

homology diagram of a monoclonal antibody

Key Features

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Smart Library Design

Computationally derived from UniProt, AlphaFold, and proprietary algorithms.

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Unparalleled Search Space​

With up to 200,000 custom peptides, we can cover the  peptidome of any organism on one chip.

Manifold Applications

Instrumental for insights into antibody specificity and cross-reactivity.

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