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High-density Peptide Microarrays
for Epitope Mapping and Peptide Discovery

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Unmatched Screening Capacity

Elevate your research with our microarray's capability to screen up to 200,000 custom peptides simultaneously, dramatically enhancing throughput and accelerating the pace of discovery in a single experiment.

Broad Chemical Diversity

Incorporate proteinogenic and custom unnatural amino acids to unlock enhanced binder specificity, increased resistance to degradation, and improved pharmacokinetics.

Advanced Structural Compexity

Explore the realm of structural diversity with our peptide microarrays, designed to unlock the full potential of both linear and cyclic peptides and accelerate breakthroughs in drug discovery.


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single-well incubation tray peptide microarray layout

Pro-Plate 1x1

Single-well layout is designed for exhaustive screenings and comprehensive experiments. It offers a single incubation well with the capacity to host up to 170,000 peptides per subarray. This layout is exceptionally suited for discontinuous epitope mapping and peptide discovery applications, where maximizing the peptide repertoire on a single substrate is crucial.

double-well incubation tray peptide microarray layout

Pro-Plate 1x2

Designed for conducting dual analyses in parallel, the double-well option features 2 wells, each accommodating up to 79,000 peptides per subarray. This setup is ideal for experiments requiring simultaneous analysis of samples with control analytes, enabling direct comparison and validation of results within the same experimental run.

8-well incubation tray peptide microarray layout

Pro-Plate 1x8

Catering to mid-size experiments, this layout presents 6 active wells, with each well capable of hosting up to 14,000 peptide spots. It allows for six different analyses per experiment, making it a versatile choice for studies that balance between high-throughput screening and detailed, targeted analysis across multiple samples or conditions.

16-well incubation tray peptide microarray layout

Pro-Plate 2x8

Expanding the scope for broader analysis, the 12-well layout is equipped to manage studies involving multiple analytes, with each well supporting up to 4,800 peptides per subarray. This configuration is particularly suitable for linear epitope mapping, offering a balanced approach to dissecting complex antigen-antibody interactions across a wide array of samples.

24-well incubation tray peptide microarray layout

Pro-Plate 3x8

With 18 subarray, this layout is tailored for extensive linear epitope mapping, allowing up to 18 analytes to be analyzed in parallel. Each well can accommodate 3,200 peptides per subarray, making it adept at facilitating comprehensive screenings where a broad spectrum of potential epitopes across numerous analytes is under investigation.

open incubation chamber peptide microarray layout

Open Chamber

The open chamber layout removes the constraints of well-defined subarrays, offering an unbounded canvas for the ultimate capacity experiments. This format is particularly effective for proteome-wide screenings, discontinuous epitope mapping, or peptide discovery applications that demand the freedom to utilize the entire array surface without the limitation of predefined sections. It supports up to 220,000 peptides, tailored to the scope of large-scale, ambitious scientific inquiries.

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Generating Peptides at the Speed of Light

At axxelera, we combine digital photolithography with conventional solid-phase peptide chemistry to guide thousands of simultaneous chemical reactions with unprecedented spatial resolution.

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axxelera peptide microarray incubation tray
Short Peptides
1- to 5-mer peptides
Medium Size Peptides
6- to 10-mer peptides
Long Peptides
11- to 15-mer peptides
Short Peptides
1- to 5-mer peptides
Medium Size Peptides
6- to 10-mer peptides
Long Peptides
11- to 15-mer peptides
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Epitope Mapping
epitope mapping

Leveraging computational methods and structural insights, including state-of-the-art AlphaFold models, we predict conformational and discontinuous epitope candidates of individual proteins and protein complexes. These computational predictions guide our customers in identifying potential antigenic regions of interest, laying the groundwork for targeted investigation.

With axxelera high-throughput microarrays, researchers can seamlessly transition from computational predictions to experimental validation, accelerating the characterization of discontinuous epitopes at an unprecedented scale. This integrated approach revolutionizes epitope mapping, enabling comprehensive studies of protein-protein interactions and antibody binding sites with unmatched efficiency and depth.

Peptidome Libraries
peptidome library

Peptidome libraries encompass short peptide fragments derived from the entire proteome of a specific species. Leveraging the expansive capacity of peptide microarrays, these libraries enable the representation of a comprehensive array of peptides, capturing fragments from all or most known proteins within the species.

Peptidome libraries serve as invaluable resources for studying off-target activity of therapeutic candidates, mitigating the risk of unforeseen adverse effects and enhancing the safety profile of drug candidates. This proactive approach to off-target activity assessment empowers drug developers to make informed decisions early in the drug discovery process, accelerating the development of safer and more efficacious therapeutics.

Custom Libraries
custom library

At axxelera, we specialize in empowering our customers with tailored solutions for peptide library design. Whether it’s conducting an alanine scan, creating substitution libraries, or generating truncated libraries, we offer a range of customizable options to suit diverse research needs. Our expertise in peptide chemistry and bioinformatics enables us to collaborate closely with customers to design libraries that precisely address their specific scientific questions and experimental objectives.

Custom peptide libraries serve as powerful tools for exploring the functional significance of amino acid residues, identifying critical binding motifs, and uncovering novel peptide-protein interactions. Additionally, custom libraries facilitate high-throughput screening of peptide candidates for various applications, including drug discovery, vaccine development, and biomarker identification.