Unlocking the Power of the Proteome

Advanced Peptide Screening Solutions

The axxelera Sars-Cov-2 peptide array

The axxelera Sars-Cov-2 peptide array contains the complete spike protein sequence of the novel coronavirus in overlapping linear and discontinuous peptide sequences which combine segments that are adjacent not in the primary, but only in the tertiary structure of the virus. These peptides are bound to the surface of a microscopic slide. The Sars-Cov-2 peptide array allows you to investigate linear as well as discontinuous binding motifs within one simple experiment. We can deliver these peptides with free N-terminus, or in constrained form by cyclization.

Discontinuous Epitope Mapping

discontinuous epitopes

Proteome-wide Crossreactivity Studies

Approximately 90% of epitopes are discontinuous, meaning they cannot be identified via naïve linear epitope mapping. Through combinatorial combination of fragments, we can mimic these conformational epitopes, so you can identify them quickly and precisely.

Cross-reactivity studies screen for the non-specific and specific binding of antibodies in different types of tissues. They are an important step to investigate toxicity of, for example, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in other tissues than the targeted tissue. Our smart big data algorithm in combination with high spot density enables to screen 80% of the whole human proteome in one experiment for cross-reactivity.

Human Peptidome Array

The Human Body on a Slide

The Human Proteome Chip features more than 80% of all naturally occurring proteins in the human body in peptide form.

In cooperation with our partners from AI industry we developed an algorithm which reduces the whole human peptidome, derived from 23 000 human proteins, to a set of 100 000 sequences which represent 80% of the human proteome on the level of subsequences of various length. With this peptide library you can perform protein-protein studies and off target / cross-reactivity studies. 

Automated Microarray Synthesizer

Study up to 1.8 million Peptide Interactions per Month

The AMS is a fully automated synthesis machine of ultrahigh-density peptide microarrays. It can produce three libraries of 150 000 peptides within a week.

It is designed as a desktop device and can produce custom peptide arrays in automated mode. Its liquid handling system can handle up to 40 different building blocks, enabling you to include posttranslational modifications and unnatural amino acids in your custom peptide libraries.

The AMS comes with a 3-in-one software solution that allows you to build libraries based on your protein, fine tune synthesis parameters according to your specific type of experiment, and manage the project pipeline.


Advance your Research with our Expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of high-throughput screenings, we can assist your studies. In addition to our own technological developments, we built a network of equipment and service companies in the fields of protein, peptide, and antibody studies. We can bring this expertise to your research project.