Custom Peptide Arrays

200,000 Peptides of Your Choice

Tailor-Made to Your Application

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On our custom peptide microarrays, we can synthesize up to 200,000 unique peptides tailored to your specific research needs — including unnatural amino acids and cyclized peptides. 

This unlocks a broad range of applications, including epitope mapping, peptidome studies, discovering biomarkers and binding motifs, alanine scans, substitution libraries, and truncated libraries.

Custom Projects with Expert Guidance

Our expertise in peptide chemistry and bioinformatics allows us to work closely with our customers. Together, we design peptide libraries that address precise scientific questions and experimental objectives. This enables our clients to achieve accurate and meaningful results in their research.

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Key Features

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Smart Library Design

Deriving relevant peptide sequences from UniProt, AlphaFold, and proprietary algorithms.

Broad Chemical Diversity

Incorporate unnatural amino acids and cyclized peptides.

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Unparalleled Search Space

With up to 200,000 custom peptides per chip, supporting in-depth experiments. 

Microarray Specifications

No. of peptides Up to 200,000
Dimensions 25 mm x 75 mm x 1 mm
Max. peptide length 30 amino acids
Min. spot size 40 µm
Readout Fluorescent scanning
with 5µm resolution
Cyclization Amide Head-to-tail, Amide Side-Chain-to-Side-Chain, Thioether, Disulfide
Chemical diversity Unnatural amino acids can be introduced without restriction
Applicable samples Antibodies, blood serum, blood plasma, proteins, etc.
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