Advanced Epitope Mapping Arrays

Identify Discontinuous and Linear Epitopes

The Challenge: Discontinuous Epitopes

visualization of discontinuous epitope binding to antibody

Epitope mapping is a crucial step in the development of therapeutic antibodies, vaccines, and diagnostic markers. It is vital for antibody selection, IP protection, and regulatory approval.

Most epitopes are discontinuous, emerging not from a linear sequence but from the 3D-structure of the antigen. Traditional linear epitope mapping simply overlooks these complex forms.

The Solution: Bioinformatics and High-Throughput Screening

We predict conformational and discontinuous epitope candidates with computational methods and structural insights. 

The resulting tens of thousands of epitope candidates are synthesized on a high-density peptide microarray, forming a seamless transition from prediction to validation.

This integrated approach allows studying all linear and discontinuous epitopes within one experiment.

three peptide microarray slides

Key Features

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Smart Library Design

Deriving discontinuous and linear epitope candidates from UniProt, AlphaFold, and proprietary algorithms.

Advanced Cyclization

Closely mimicking natural conformations, critical for presenting native-like epitopes.

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Unparalleled Search Space

With up to 200,000 custom peptides per chip, covering all possible conformational epitopes of most antigens. 

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