Peptide Screening Service

End-to-End Solutions for Proteomics Research

All-in-One Service

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We provide a complete end-to-end solution, covering microarray design and production, experiments, data gathering, and analysis. This enables you to fully leverage high-density peptide microarrays without the need for lab facilities.

Manifold Applications

With years of experience across many applications, we are ready to assist you in epitope identification, antibody characterization, biomarker discovery, and other custom use-cases.

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From Idea to Results in 21 Days

Initial meeting and project proposal
Together, we discuss your goals and develop a project proposal.
Library generation and array synthesis
Based on the proposal, we derive the library and manufacture the array. In the meantime, you send your analyte to us.
Screening and readout
We perform the assays and readouts at our facilities.
Data analysis and reporting
We analyze the result data and generate reports according to your requirements.
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