Unlocking the Power of the Proteome

Array-based solutions for proteomics researchers

Low-maintenance. High-performance.

Up to 200 000 spots

on a 75 x 25 mm slide

Custom peptides

up to 15 amino acids in length

Competitive pricing

cost-effective experiments

Accelerate your research

Epitope mapping

Kinase profiling

Protein-binding studies

Dispatch time 3-4 weeks

Screening service on request

Substitution analysis of human influenza hemagglutinin epitope  YPYDVPDYA

Helping you make discoveries

Globally operating player

providing researchers with affordable high-performance microarrays

Located at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany 

ranked among top 10 universities in Europe in engineering and natural sciences

15 years of experience

in development of peptide microarrays and their applications